we live among products brought to us by engineering, and I find it fascinating to design and engineer things that feel just right in place around us.

tbo the tablebot

Tbo is a beautiful sofa-side table with a lot of skills under its hood; moving, scanning, video conferencing, and jamming.

geronimo the micromouse

Geronimo is an autonomous maze solving micromouse robot. 

...and a warm foot bath!

And as a side project, this is a completely waterproof foot bath, designed to be used in the Brown Design Workshop. Ahhhh….

automated factory storage system

The Automated Factory Storage Model features two independently running stacker cranes, and a fully autonomous conveyer system.

magroll the Magsafe Rollable Case

Magroll is a product designed to make the MagSafe MacBook chargers easier to deploy as well as last longer.

engineering design toolkit

The Engineering Design Toolkit is a research paper writing toolkit that embodies the Engineering Design Process as well as Human Centered Design.