magroll is a rollable case for the MagSafe charger, keeping it tidy and untangled.


How does it look in practice?

Magroll was a side project I developed at high school senior year. It was born after a long period of breaking MagSafe chargers, and with my newfound skill in SolidWorks and an accessible 3D printer, I started prototyping and CADing my own solution to a rollable MagSafe charger case. After multiple 3D printed prototypes and a final 5-axis milled photo-ready mockup, I took the product to Indiegogo. As I had no method of advertising to the American consumer group, the crowdsourcing attempt failed, but I have used the case personally for 2+ years and it has been working beautifully.


Take the Magroll out. As you might guess—your earphones or cables are not dangling out with it.

Deploy your charger in seconds—just pull the cord. Hold Magroll on your hand, pull the cord, it unwinds like magic. 

Unwind just enough of the Mac-side of the charger for it to reach your MacBook. That cable won’t unwind: the rubber inserts keep it in its place. Hear the satisfactory click.

When done, wind up the thin power cable; click it in the rubber inserts. Slide in the head to the hole at the top; it is secured magnetically.

Now, twist the Magroll; the cable winds up in 6-7 turns. Throw it in your bag, and you are ready to go.